Patrick Cordier for Goldie Magazine

Location: Skeppsholmen Island in Stockholm (Google Maps, Wikipedia)
Model: Patrick Cordier
Photographer: Marten Bjork


Editorial draft: A Day at Skeppsholmen

This photo shoot took place in the model Patrick Cordier's home town of Stockholm. More precisely, the team set out for Skeppsholmen, the smallest one of the 14 islands that make up the city of Stockholm. Skeppsholmen has traditionally been the location of several military buildings and translates to “Ship island”. Across the west side of the island lies the 100 year old three-masted sailing ship “AF Chapman” that was used as a barrack ship in World War II. It has however served as a charming hostel in it's current place since the 1950's.  

The marina on the east side of the island hosts a large amount of privately owned ships of different sizes. We curiously knocked on the door of one of the larger vessels — the owner opened up and showed us around the ship, “M/S Fladen”. Built 1892 in Malmö, Sweden, it has historically been used as a lightship to serve as a beacon in waters that were unsuitable for lighthouse construction. Today, these types of boats have been replaced by modern automated buoys. This particular ship was taken out of order in 1967 and was there after used both as a floating general store and a casino. It was brought to it's present mooring in 1987.

Right across from M/S Fladen lies the restaurant Torpedverkstan which translates to the Torpedo Factory. The menu offers a inspired mix of Mexican food with Swedish classics like steak tartare and bleak roe and the restaurant has it's own smokery inside an old military workshop . The team decided to stay for lunch.

Skeppsholmen is sometimes called "art island" in different guides to Stockholm. Here lies Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) and the East-Asian Museum.

On the top of the highest green hills lies a secret picnic spot with a stunning view of Djurgårdens amusement park Gröna Lund across the water. 

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