I have 15+ years experience designing digital products – web sites, apps and anything else that has a screen can be interacted with. I'm comfortable in the entire design process: big idea thinking → wireframing → testing design directions → pushing pixels for perfection → user testing → iteration. My go-to tools are Sketch, Framer and code. I've designed for some of the largest organizations and most well-known brands in the world.

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I'm a front end enthusiast going back to the early days of HTML. I write semantic and SEO-friendly HTML, produce easy-to-read and well-documented CSS (using Less or Sass) and develop advanced web applications using the latest JavaScript tools (whatever is hyped at the moment). I also write code in Python, Node etc. I'm happy to spend days and nights hacking RC-cars and toasters.

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Math, AI and Robotics

I recently sold my web agency to study math, artificial intelligence and robotics. I expect to spend at least 60% of my time learning new technologies until the end of 2018. My end goal is to build a decent autonomous vehicle sometime during next year.

Open for business late 2018

Digital Strategy and Project Management

When I'm not designing or programming myself, I help organizations produce digital strategies and implement them. I have been hired by organizations with 250+ employees to come up with strategies, ideas and implementation plans. I also help organizations find and collaborate with digital agencies.

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I'm currently spending my spare time becoming a better photographer. In the coming months, I'm looking to make the jump from “mediocre” to “quite all right”.

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From the Arnold Schwarzenegger AMA, when asked what the
single best piece of advice he's ever recieved is.