Marten Björk

I'm a Designer, Developer & Photographer

Hello, I'm Mårten. Ever since I was a teenager, I've spent my days, nights and weekends teaching myself design, code, photography and much more.

This is me

Mårten and Michelle standing outside a monastery
Mårten looking into the camera. His cheek is resting in his hand. He looks tired and slightly bored.


  • Design. I design websites, UIs and services using tools like Figma and Framer.

  • Front end

  • I write semantic HTML and know the ins and out of CSS. I can write vanilla JavaScript but also implement a full-fledged React app from scratch.

  • Back end

  • I started out doing a lot of PHP and MySQL. These days I typically implement my back-ends using node.js, some kind of database (like Prisma or Firestore) and an auth provider. (Add some AWS thingies to the mix and I suppose we have a modern web app.)

  • Photography

  • I've always liked photography. In 2018 I took things one step further and started freelancing as a photographer. Things are going well, but I'll keep the photography as a side-gig — design and programming is too much fun.

Let's talk

Send me an email at or call/text 0046 739 59 35 59.