This is me

I started making websites at 15. I started my first company at 18. First I freelanced, then started a web agency. We had good fun and were profitable for all 5 years. Last year I sold my share in the agency to learn new things.

Very good at: UX, digital design, front end dev, prototyping, managing projects, entrepreneurship. Getting quite good at: Back end dev, app dev, app design.

👉 Case study: AlternativeTo: Notes From The #design Channel
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👉 Open Source: Distribute Layers for Framer Star

I make websites to pay my bills. I show up on time, respect my clients and try to over-deliver every time. I have several repeat customers that I value immensely.

👉 Portfolio: Se my work



Programming Games and Other Things That I'm Unqualified For

Being new to something is a wonderful thing. You don't know the “right approach” or any “best practices”. Here's a game I wrote to try out some new trigonometry skills. It's built using JavaScript and the HTML canvas element. No libraries were used, just plain JavaScript. It taught me to separate the game data from the rendering (which is a bit unintuitive coming from the DOM).


Building Apps

I'm learning Swift and React Native. Here's an app I'm building for me an my girlfriend. It's a recipe app which connects to Wunderlist. If you schedule a recipe, the ingredients are automatically pushed to our shared shopping list. React Native + Redux + Firebase.


Pushing Web Technologies To The Limit

I took the LIDAR data from Radiohead's House of Cards video and recreated individual frames using CSS only. I converted the data to a huge JSON object, iterated over it and created a bunch of transforms which I applied translate3d to. A CSS keyframe animation rotates the entire scene.


Building Robots

I built a little self-driving LEGO robot. It searches it's surroundings, calculates distances to obstacles and calculates a good next move. It's simple, but remarkably good at driving around without hitting anything.


Drawing Things

I occasionally draw things. It's a great way to learn about light, shadows and reflections. In the example below, little things like getting the shadows of the buttons just right can later be applied to other fields like web or app design.


Graphic Design

After a full day of producing digital design according to spec, I quite enjoy designing random graphics without limitations. Here's a poster I produced in Sketch and Photoshop. Meaningless, but meditative.



I carry my Canon 5D with me everywhere and take photos of everything I see. It's a nice break from Sketch, Figma and Atom – you can't control every little thing, you have to wait and let the photo come to you.