August's Baptism

My Godson August was baptized this weekend. I has some official duties during the ceremony, so I couldn’t photograph all of it, but I managed to get a lot of behind-the-scenes footage. I shot everything with Sigma’s 35mm f/1.4 Art lens. I typically opt for a more zoomed in lens, but since I knew most people at the ceremony I was able to get closer to my subjects than usual. I was totally hooked on the 35mm lens and will try to use it more in the future.

Mårten Björk
New work for GLOWiD

Fun new photography work keeps coming in. I just wrapped up a job for Swedish skincare brand GLOWiD. Over the course of a few weeks we shot portraits, social media content and e-commerce imagery.

For the images above, we rented a hotel room in Stockholm which we filled with product samples, camera equipment and loads of food to keep everyone in the team happy.

The following week, we built a small studio and photographed GLOWiD’s products. It was my first time shooting products but fortunately, the end result turned out really well.

Mårten Björk
First Wedding Shoot

A month ago, I photographed my first wedding. It was booked earlier this spring and I’ve agonized about it every day since. There’s no room for errors when it comes to weddings — you have to deliver.

I arrived the day before the ceremony, which gave me some time to check out the location and to document the preparations of the venue.

On the day of the wedding, I woke up early to have breakfast before everyone else. In-between numerous cups of coffee, I double- and triple-checked my checklists for the day. Everything was in order. Finally, the other guests arrived and the work day begun. First, I spent some intense hours covering the bride’s and groom’s preparations in their respective rooms.

After lunch, the wedding officially kicked off. Guests arrived and mingling begun. Photographing people at parties is an interesting challenge; you have to be likable so that people relax, but also keep a certain distance so you can get the good shots. You mingle, small talk and move on.

Then it was time for the ceremony. The dreaded once-in-a-lifetime, no-second-chances ceremony. I have to admit — I was nervous about it.

But as the band started playing and the ceremony begun, I actually felt calm. Everything was much slower and more relaxed than I had imagined. There was plenty of time to try different compositions and lenses and to double-check that the exposure was right. I even enjoyed it.

After the ceremony, a happy sigh of relief. A quick scroll through the memory cards confirmed that I had managed to get some great shots. My phone, however, quickly reminded me that it was time for portraits.

The rest of the evening rushed by. Reception, dinner, speeches. And finally, after 12 hours of intense photography — a first dance.

Thanks for looking at my photos. I’m booked for a few weddings next summer but still have many openings in my calendar. Let me know if you’re planning on marryin’ someone.

Mårten Björk
At the Beach with Meike

I teamed up with Meike Asmus in Palma de Mallorca for a surf shoot at the beach. The overnight rain made the beach less crowded and the early morning clouds created the the perfect light. 

Mårten Björk