Marten Bjork

Photography Weekend in Copenhagen

I flew down to Copenhagen to visit a friend and to take photos. I filled up three memory cards with photos of Nørrebro, Den Sorte Diamant and Christianshavn.

Orange tulips with a price sign saying BDT 58
A bicycle leans against an orange stone facade
Old, colorful buildings by the water
The zig-zag pattern of a blue wooden door
A dimly lit corridor in a library. Light is pouring in from a window at the end of the corridor. In the foreground, a small ladder.
Bottom shelf in a library. From the floor below, light slips through, casting interesting spots of light onto the books.
A red neon sign lights up the night outside a building in Copenhagen. The sign reads “huset” – “the house”, in Danish.
A red neon sign saying “hotel” is photographed through a puddle in the street