Marten Bjork

Seeing Beirut in 72 hours

This weekend, my mother and I visited Beirut where Anton, my oldest brother, lives. It was a short trip but we managed to squeeze in a lot; a tour of the American University of Beirut, getting lost in all the different districts of the city and taking a day trip to Byblos and Batroun.

A dimly lit airplane cabin. A hand reaches out to the ventilation in the ceiling.
A ground level shot of tall buildings in Beirut
The inside of a very run-down truck
Skewed and broken signs outside a shop in Beirut.
An old building with sundeck chairs in front of it. The facade is covered with a huge banner saying "Stop Solidere”.
A card parked outside a run-down building in Beirut. It's night, the street is lit by a street light.
Two young boys sitting at a dock, looking into the water
Waves rolling in, hitting the rocks at Beirut's beachfront
Warm light shines through a window at the end of a dimly lit walkway
A seven story building in Beirut shot in early morning. The only electrical light is coming from a shop at the bottom floor.
Wide angle shot of old buildings in Beirut, early in the morning
An old man resting in the passenger seat of a car
A couple sits at the dock of the bay. The man holds a hand around the woman.
Close up of the facade of one of Beiruts newly build buildings
A torn poster on a wall. The poster has a man's face on it and Arabic text above it.
A man in full-body rain gear fishing. He stands on the rocks by the water as the waves come in.
An airplane standing on tarmac with ground support vehicles around it. A low standing sun shines behind the plane.